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What's the Matter?


A New Shakespeare Play


A. K. Ludwig





While visiting his old school-friend, Prince Amadeo, in Palermo, Valmond falls in love with Amadeo’s sister, Princess Katrina, and she with him, though neither of them is able to declare that love to the other.

Valmond must return to Burgundy to oversee his governance.   Cosimo, the Prince of Naples, and his forces arrive in Sicily to demand from King Lucentio a long-delayed payment of tribute to the King of Naples. 

After the Sicilians refuse payment, they go to war with the forces of Naples.  Amadeo leads the Sicilian forces, but is betrayed by his Uncle Morelli and killed.  Having conquered Sicily, Cosimo tries to force Katrina to marry him, but she resists.  King Lucentio dies of a lingering illness.  Cosimo appoints Morelli as his deputy and departs Sicily.  Katrina, her mother, Adrianna, her cousin Lucinda, and Amadeo’s wife escape to Syracuse. 

When he hears news of all that has happened, Valmond vows revenge and sails to Syracuse with his own army to join forces with the Sicilians.


  Katrina Princess of Sicily
  Amadeo Prince of Sicily
  Lucentio King of Sicily, father of Amadeo and Katrina
  Adrianna Queen of Sicily, mother of Amadeo and Katrina
  Camillo Duke of Syracuse
  Morelli Duke of Messina
  Sophia Wife of Amadeo
  Lucinda Daughter of Morelli, companion of Katrina
  Duchess Wife of Morelli
  First Lord  
  Second Lord  
  Perfumo Soldier
  Rinaldo Soldier
  Mistress Closet Proprietor of a tavern in Palermo
  Ladies, Attendants, Messengers, Captains, Townspeople
  Valmond Duke of Burgundy
  Beauchance Count of Provence, his companion, suitor of Lucinda
  Monsieur Musik Frenchman in service to Valmond
  Pierre Soldier and companion of Musik
  Cosimo Prince of Naples
  Tertius Lord and counselor to Cosimo
  Cambio Prince's underling and instrument
  Soldiers of Sicily, Burgundy, and Naples; royal attendants



                                 Sicily and Burgundy

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