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Welcome to Shakespeare Publications, the site dedicated to the promotion and publication of new Shakespeare plays.

New Shakespeare plays? 


You read that correctly.

So what are new Shakespeare plays?

They are plays composed from the writings of Shakespeare, using lines from his plays and poems as the dialogue for new characters in dramas with new stories and plots.

Why new Shakespeare plays, when there are at least 38 by the man himself?

Why write a "new" Shakespeare play?  There are many worlds within the universe of Shakespeare's poetry and dialogue.  Why can't that poetry and dialogue be refashioned (borrowed, "re-appropriated," or "sampled") for other dramatic uses?

The durable reign of Shakespeare suggests that the power of his drama lies in the language: the wit, fluency, acuity, and force of his verse and prose.  The works—at least as they are performed in our time—are distinguished and admired most for their language rather than for their plots, characters, or dramatic intensity. Indeed, though the plots, characters, and drama are virtually unmatched in the theater, it is the “poetry” (both verse and prose) that elevates them.

So what about a play with dialogue that is all drawn from Shakespeare?  A wholly new plot?   A cast with names different than those used by Shakespeare?  Different characterizations than his?  Lines lifted from Shakespeare and reshaped and pieced together into new dialogue might serve, even elevate, a new story and characters in a drama that can stand on its own.


If this is so, why not provide another occasion for people who prefer attending plays rather than reading them to encounter that language on the stage?  People who produce Shakespeare might have an addition to the repertoire, a Shakespeare novelty, if the poetry can vitalize a new story and cast of characters.  A wholesale appropriation of Shakespeare might give those who enjoy producing his work and attending his plays for the wit and force, intimacy and reach, lyricism and grandeur of the dramatic poetry a unique opportunity to engage with it and be entertained by it.


What are these new Shakespeare plays?

One of them is The Obscure Bird  by A. K. Ludwig.  Learn more about The Obscure Bird and read excerpts.

Another new Shakespeare play by A. K. Ludwig is What's the Matter?  Learn more about
What's the Matter? and read excerpts.

Buy the paperback edition or e-book edition of The Obscure Bird.

Buy the paperback edition or e-book edition of What's the Matter?


Theatrical producers can request a free copy of an abridged version of What's the Matter? in standard script format by emailing to info (at)


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